February 1, 2002

I am pleased to send warm greetings to young people throughout the country

as you affirm your commitment to abstinence through the "True Love Waits"



Your decision to remain sexually abstinent until marriage is the right choice.

I commend you for taking responsibility for your lives and your future, despite

the pressure you may face from popular culture or your peers.  Through your

commitment, you effectively eliminate the risk of acquiring harmful, and

potentially deadly, sexually transmitted diseases.  You also avoid unintended

pregnancy and difficult emotional complications.


Trough your belief that true love waits, you preserve your physical and

emotional health, you live out your personal values, and you cherish the

special place of marriage in life and society.  Whether you have remained

dedicated to this goal your entire life or you have recently signed the pledge,

your commitment to abstinence from now until you are married demonstrates

great strength, conviction, and wisdom.


I encourage you to actively live out the faith or principles that led you to sign

the abstinence pledge.  Making responsible decisions now will make you better

prepared to be a good citizen, spouse, and parent, and it will help you to be a

leader in your community and in years to come.


Laura joins me in sending our best wishes for a successful event.


George W. Bush